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We have been Providing Chiropractic and Acupuncture to our community since 1983. Our goal is to place your body in the best position possible to help itself heal or function optimally. Patients are seen by appointment during our office hours.  Our clinic is open for your convenience Monday through Friday.

Should an emergency arise during our off hours, you should call 911. Otherwise we have a 24 hour answering service at 321-727-2225 for you to leave messages or make an appointment.

We are one block north of 192 in Indialantic, east of Melbourne, 322 Fourth Avenue, halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. We are just west of the Indialantic Post Office. We have been at the same location since our opening on February 1, 1983.

As defined by Chapter 460 of the Florida Statues: The “practice of chiropractic medicine” means a noncombative principle and practice consisting of the science, philosophy, and art of the adjustment, manipulation, and treatment of the human body in which vertebral subluxations and other malpositioned articulations and structures that are interfering with the normal generation, transmission, and expression of nerve impulse between the brain, organs, and tissue cells of the body, thereby causing disease, are adjusted, manipulated, or treated, thus restoring the normal flow of nerve impulse which produces normal function and consequent health by chiropractic physicians using specific

Chiropractic technique helps us to detect the nerve energy blockage in a specific nerve energy pathway by detecting and isolating the exact nerve root being pinched. The exact vertebral level in relation to the pinched spinal nerve root helps us to trace the travel route, the destination and the target organs of that particular energy pathway. D. D. Palmer, considered the “Father of Chiropractic,” said, “too much or too little energy is disease.” A pinched nerve can cause disturbance in the energy flow.

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